Children below 18 years of age constitute 38.8% of the total population in Odisha.

    In 0-6 years aged children; the number of female children is 952 per 1000 male children. This is even less in some of the districts. 

    Barely 14% of births are properly registered indicating the name, nationality 

        and parenthood. 

    In every 1000 live births, 77 children die before attaining 1 year of age. 

    47 newborn babies dies in every 1000 live births before 28-days of life. 

    54.4% babies born in are under weight at the time of birth. 

    61.71% of 0-3 years aged children are suffering from either type of malnutrition. 

    Out of every 100 enrolled children, 32 dropout before completing primary Education. The rate of dropout in Primary Level among Scheduled Tribe Children stands at 52 percent. 

    Out of every 68 children complete primary education, 33 are dropped before the completion of upper primary schooling. 

    55% children of Scheduled Caste and 69.5% children of Scheduled Tribes have dropped out of school. 

    23% of girls are married before attaining the legal age of marriage of 18 years. It is more than 40% in the district of Malkanagiri, Nabarangpur, Koraput, Boudh and Gajapati. 

    Out of every 1000 children 0-14 years of aged group, 20 of them suffer from either type of disability.

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